Electrical Repair in Houston

At Logo Electrical Services, our expert electricians will take the time to assess the problem, show you the defect and provide a cost effective solution to fix the defect. Our electrical service and repair electricians understand the importance of completing repairs on lighting circuits, wiring, fans, fixtures, breaker boxes, fuse boxes, switches and more.

Houston Electrical Repair Services

At Logo Electrical Services, our Houston electrical repair skilled professionals have been doing electrical repair in the Houston area for over 40 years. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to offer you efficient, reliable, trusted and safe electrical services all at affordable rates.

Our experienced Houston electrical repair technicians are skilled on all matters of electric safety. It is important that anyone operating, installing, maintaining, or repairing electricity within your premises knows how to do it without jeopardizing lives. Our Houston electrical repair trained personnel know the safest modes of working with electricity.

Logo Electrical Services can repair and relocate your electrical outlets to accommodate for cord location and center your lighting fixture over your table. Outlet installation or relocation can sometimes cause other problems like sheet rock damage. So have our Houston electrical repair electricians install your electrical devices and save on additional repair work. Our Houston electrical pros will give you complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Houston electrical repair is our specialty. We will tackle your electrical issues with honest, straight forward electrical repair work and one on one advice.

All work completed by your Houston electrical repair electrician will come with a 3 year guarantee! We service all of Houston and surrounding areas.