Hot Water Heater Installation in Houston

If your hot water heater is electric you can install a disconnect switch.  This can be done from the circuit breaker box .  The breaker or disconnect switch should be clearly marked “Water Heater” or “Hot Water Heater” or “Hot Water Tank”. Should there be standing water in the room where the circuit breaker box or disconnect switch is located.   The main goal for you, the homeowner, should be to shut off the incoming water supply as quickly as possible in the safest of manners.  Our hot water heater disconnects installation Houston specialists provide professional hot water heater installation in Houston.    Need help?

Hire a Logo Electrical Electrician for Hot Water Heater Disconnects

Unless you are a licensed electrician yourself, you should hire a Houston Hot Water Heater Disconnect electrician for proper installation of an air conditioning disconnects.  Experienced Logo Electrical electricians ensure that all of the work is completed up to the existing codes in your community.

The work involved to install a hot water heater disconnects is intricate due to the nature of it.  It’s important to hire a Houston hot water heater disconnects electrician who is experienced in this type of work to complete it for you to avoid any issues that might arise if you were to do the work yourself.

Do I Need Help With Hot Water Heater Disconnects?

A few tips about Hot Water Heater Disconnect switch:

  • The switch must be rated for the Voltage of the water heater ( 120 , 240 etc)
  • The amperage drawn by the water heater -2008 NEC 404.14
  • The switch must be indicating ( must state on / off on it )