Arc Fault Breaker Protection in Houston

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) are required in most rooms of your home and by NEC code. Arc fault breakers are designed to detect an arc or flash. Call your arc fault breaker installation expert Logo Electrical Services. 281-440-3300.

Hire a Logo Electrical Electrician for AFCI Breaker Installation

Unless you are a licensed electrician yourself, you should hire a Houston Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) and arc fault protection breaker installation electrician to evaluate your arch fault breaker protection.  Experienced Logo Electrical electricians ensure that all of the work is completed up to the existing codes in your community.

The work involved with arch fault breaker installation is intricate due to the nature of it.  It’s important to hire a Houston AFCI breaker installation electrician who is experienced in this type of work to complete it for your safety and avoid any issues that might arise.

Do I Need Help With AFCI Breaker Installation?

A few tips on AFCI Breaker Installation:

  • It protects against arcing wires. It is required in those areas under the 2008 NEC.
  • Home inspector assumes the whole home should be protected by arc fault breakers.
  • The standard breaker does not sense an overload, an arch fault breaker will.